How Long Can A Red-Eared Slider Go Without Food

How Long Can Red-Eared Sliders Go Without Eating?

Red-eared sliders are known for their resilience and adaptability, but as responsible pet owners, it’s crucial to understand their nutritional needs and how long they can safely go without food.

Red-eared sliders are known for their resilience and adaptability, but as responsible pet owners, it’s crucial to understand their nutritional needs and how long they can safely go without food.

In this brief guide, we’re going to unravel the mysteries surrounding the feeding habits of red-eared sliders, providing you with essential information to ensure their well-being. Whether you are a long-time turtle enthusiast or have recently welcomed a slider into your home, gaining insight into their dietary requirements is paramount.

Join me as we delve into the world of red-eared sliders, aiming to answer the pressing question of how long these turtles can go without food and how you can best cater to their needs.

How Long Can a Red-Eared Slider Survive Without Food? 

The time for which red-eared sliders can survive without food varies from one turtle to another, depending on certain factors. Factors like the turtles’ health and age determine their eating habits. 

Here are detailed insights into the factors affecting the period for which a red-eared slider can go without eating: 

1. Clean & Purified Water 

As long as the red-eared have access to clean, uncontaminated water, they can survive for some time without food. 

Water is of paramount importance for the continued survival of a red-eared turtle. It fulfills their appetite and keeps them full for a more extended period. Moreover, aquatic turtles are incapable of eating something without water. 

Without water, they will suffer from dehydration and die out much quicker than they’d without food. 

2. Health Condition 

The red-eared sliders’ health also plays a crucial role in determining how long they survive without food. 

If your turtle is in bad shape or in poor health condition, you’ll have to ensure proper regular care. They won’t be able to survive without food much longer in that case. 

Although healthy red-eared turtles can survive longer without food, it’s still advisable to feed them routinely. These healthy turtles, if fed well, can ensure lasting longer without eating. 

3. The Red-Eared Turtle’s Age 

Young or baby red-eared turtles cannot last more than a week or so without eating any food. However, older red-eared turtles can make it without food for a month or two. 

A properly-fed, well-nourished adult turtle can live up to two months, or three months at a stretch, without food. However, it’s not advisable if you care for your pet. 

The older the red-eared slider, the longer they can survive without food. 

4. The Aquatic Tank’s Temperature

The temperature of your aquarium where you’ve kept the red-eared slider also determines how long they can survive without food. That’s because they need to regulate their body temperature with either more or less energy. 

Your red-eared turtle can achieve optimal body temperature if kept in a tank or enclosure with external heat sources. Their body will undergo minimal fluctuation of temperature. 

When these turtles stay in the wild, their metabolism rate slows down during the colder months. However, that’s not the case when they stay in aquariums. Here, they have a quicker metabolism rate most of the time, which doesn’t slow down in colder months. 

So, they won’t last much longer without food as they would in the wild. 

What Happens If a Red-Eared Slider Lives Without Food For A Weekend?

One weekend is the most common time for which red-eared sliders are left alone without food by their owners. 

Luckily, nothing bad will happen if you go away for a weekend, leaving your turtle behind without any food. If you have stored clean water in the aquarium, your turtle will do just fine without food for a weekend. 

What Happens If a Red-Eared Slider Lives Without Food For One Week?

Under normal conditions, your red-eared slider will do just fine without food for a week. However, they may encounter some minor health issues if you do this often or regularly. 

If you plan on doing this once or twice a year, then it’s good enough. In that case, it’s okay to leave them without food. However, if this is something that is going to happen frequently, you may have to reconsider things. 

Ensure your turtle is stocked with some extra food in the tank, like fish or plants. Meanwhile, you can also keep someone to take care of the turtle and feed them once or twice a week. 

What Happens If a Red-Eared Slider Lives Without Food For Two Weeks?

When it comes to us humans, the effects of living without food for one or two weeks can be fatal. However, that’s not the case with red-eared sliders. 

Like before, leaving your turtle without food for two weeks won’t be much of a fuss. However, it should only happen once or twice a year. If not, it will severely impact the health of the turtle. 

What Happens If a Red-Eared Slider Lives Without Food For One Month or More ?

When a red-eared slider doesn’t eat for a month or so, it becomes less mobile. Your turtle will conserve energy by making fewer movements. Consequently, their immune system will get affected, and infections can happen in their body. 

There are a few things your pet turtle will do when it stays without food for a month or two. It will try to escape the aquatic tank in search of food. It may also hide from predators due to the weakened state of its body, which is incapable of defending itself. 

Another outcome is that the turtle’s growth will stop. The minerals, vitamins, and energy that it uses for growth will instead get used to run the body’s vital functions. 

Although there are quite many more things to add about the consequences of your turtle not eating, this is sufficient. You must have got a general idea of what could happen. 

Red-Eared Sliders Having Longer Breaks In Their Feeding Routine: Is It Good?

The fact that red-eared sliders can survive without food up to three months doesn’t imply it’s doable. You should never keep your turtle without food for such a long period. 

It is not healthy and safe for them to have longer breaks between their feeding routine. They would face a deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients. 

If you’ve got a baby or young red-eared slider, feed it daily or once every two days. In their growing stage, they’ll have a good appetite and will need daily feeding. 

If you’ve got an adult red-eared slider, you can feed them with healthy foods once every two or three days. Although you can keep doing this for a few more days, you should never leave your turtle without food. The only exception is when they’ve got a health concern, or you’ve plans to go outside. 

Final Thoughts

It’s imperative to note that a red-eared turtle can survive for months without any food, provided they have clean water. 

Without food and water, your turtle won’t stand a chance to live any longer than a week or two. They’d probably die of dehydration before dying out of nutritional deficiency. 

Like any other animal, your turtle must have access to clean water. It will help in hydration, respiration, and digestion, among the many other benefits. To conclude, it’s safe to leave your turtle without food for weeks or a month, but not more than that. 

Also, it should only happen once a year, and clean water must be available to them. The best solution would be to ask someone to take care of your turtle every once or twice a week to avoid such stress or hassle.

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