How Long Do Tortoises Live As A Pet

How Long Do Tortoises Live As A Pet?

A tortoise is a pretty cool pet in more ways than one. They are quiet, cute, and don’t start shedding fur like some of the other pets. And the best part? They live long! So, you might never have to deal with the grief of losing a dear pet.

A tortoise is a pretty cool pet in more ways than one. They are quiet, cute, and don’t start shedding fur like some of the other pets. And the best part? They live long! So, you might never have to deal with the grief of losing a dear pet.

But how long does a pet tortoise live? Though it differs from one species to another, their general lifespan is pretty long. Read on to have a clearer idea!

How Long Do Tortoises Live As a Pet?

How Long Do Tortoises Live As a Pet?

Tortoises can live long as a pet. Most tortoise species live for about fifty to one hundred years. However, this number can vary considerably based on the species you have. Typically, the larger ones live longer than, the smaller tortoises. Though the reason for their long life is still undetermined, it can be attributed to their delayed reproduction, metabolism, and habitat. If you take proper care of your pet, a tortoise will live a long and healthy life. So, remember to focus on their diet, hygiene, and other environmental factors.

How Long Do Pet Tortoises Live?

Pet tortoises can live somewhere between fifty to one hundred years. As you can see, a tortoise has a pretty long lifespan. So, getting a tortoise is like a commitment for a lifetime.

Your pet tortoise might outlive you. Therefore, if you are going to get a pet tortoise, make sure you have proper arrangements to take care of it in your absence or when you get old.

The lifespan of Different Species of Pet Tortoises

Lifespan of Different Species of Pet Tortoises

The lifespan is not the same for all species of pet tortoises. So, here is a brief outline of the lifespan of the most common species of pet tortoises.

Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoise

The popularity of Mediterranean Spur Thighed Tortoises comes from the fact that they are pretty easy to take care of. They are one of the smaller breeds of tortoise, which makes it easy to handle them. Also, they are active pets that love to interact with keepers. These tortoises can live for a minimum of fifty years.

Horsefield or Russian Tortoise

The Russian tortoise also called the Horsfield tortoise, is a highly common tortoise breed to keep as a pet. The breed belongs to Eurasia and the Mediterranean. It is popular for beginners and is found in most pet stores. Since these tortoises do not grow beyond six to eight inches, they are easy to care for. If you take care of a horse field or Russian tortoise, they can live for at least fifty to seventy years.

Leopard Tortoise

Many people love the leopard tortoise because of its attractive marks and bigger size. So, if getting a small tortoise is not your idea for a pet, get a leopard tortoise. This species is not into hibernating. They would rather spend most of the time outside and interact happily with the keepers. They have a long lifespan of one hundred years.

Red Footed Tortoise

Red Footed Tortoise

Red-footed tortoise is pretty popular in South America. All those beautiful markings make them look rather attractive and cute. They are also very friendly and live longer with ample protein in the diet. They can live for at least fifty to seventy years.

Indian Star Tortoise

An Indian star tortoise is attractive due to all its beautiful markings. But people tend to avoid them in some cases because they are too delicate to handle. However, if you give them the proper environmental setup, they will grow up to be healthy and strong. Like leopard tortoises, this species does not hibernate as well. They take some time to get friendly, but they will open up to you gradually. They live for about thirty to eighty years.

African Spur Thighed Tortoise

An African Spur Thighed Tortoise is another larger species that can be kept as a pet. But remember to have ample space for them because they grow up to about 37 inches. This species is shy when they are young. However, as the tortoise grows up, they become interactive and friendly. Also, they don’t need to hibernate and live for over seventy years.

What Makes Tortoises Have a Long Lifespan?

What Makes Tortoises Have a Long Lifespan?

It is hard to answer this question. It’s almost as hard as measuring the exact lifespan of any tortoise. But most species of tortoise can live for one hundred years.

Their lifespan depends not only on factors like diet, environment, and care but also on the species. As you already know, lifespan is not equal for all species. When you take proper care of them, pet tortoises tend to live longer than they can in the wild.

It helps to know everything about your pet tortoise, including its food preferences, health, and environmental factors. This will let you extend their lifespan as much as possible.

In any case, the following factors might help to explain why tortoises live as long as they do:

Metabolism Rate

A tortoise’s slow metabolic rate is expected to add to its longevity. When animals have a slow metabolic rate, they consume less energy and live longer.

Delayed Reproduction

Tortoises can first procreate when they are fifty, though they can do it younger than that. Smaller tortoise species tend to reach sexual maturity early.


A tortoise from a colder environment and thicker skin might live longer than a tortoise from a warmer environment.


The size of a tortoise is one of its highly distinguishing quantities. The large ones tend to live longer than the smaller ones. For instance, a Galapagos tortoise can live up to 300 years, though it is 190 years per the official record. However, they will still need an ideal environment, shelter, and a healthy diet to thrive.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pet Tortoise

Extend Lifespan Pet Tortoise

Irrespective of the amount of care you offer your pet tortoise, it will not live too long if the environment is not right. So, here are a couple of tips to make your tortoise live long and happy:

A Good Diet:

Sadly, most pet tortoises fail to reach their full lifespan because of a bad diet. So, you need to ensure a proper diet for them as their keeper. Though there are varied options to feed a tortoise, the specifications depend on the kind of tortoise you have.

There are freeze-dried fish food or pellets made for tortoises that you can try. You will find those at any local pet store. If you feed anything new to them, start in small increments and do not overfeed them.

Vitamin D

A tortoise needs regular sunlight exposure to stay healthy. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, and tortoises need that. It strengthens their immune system so that they can grow strong and healthy.


Leaving tortoises sitting in their old droppings is both unhealthy and unsanitary. You need to clean the enclosure daily, or else you will have a mess on your hand. Clean the enclosure completely before you let the tortoise in. Frequently wash the bedding and do not let the urine get in their bedding.

Stress-free Environment

When your tortoise is constantly scared or stressed, its health will start suffering. Make sure the environment is spacious, clean, and has everything they love. Include tank decorations, plants, sand, and loads of clean water.

So, if you are ready to take care of your dear pet, it will live a long and healthy life. It will be active and friendly and shower you with its love. Just remember to find out all about taking care of it beforehand.

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